Fine positioning of meshes

Fine positioning of meshes

Todd can this be accessed using a pubsub call or a function? Example: setItemPosition (index, x, y, z).

Would be useful for also having the position details with the file name (although I do prefer this way), and automatic grid arrangement.

Looking super hot! Any chance you could inject this STL into the elem-drag-drop widget as a menu item where those sample files are so we could all load this file to play with it? You would just $(‘

  • Load Sample STL for Prismatic
  • ’).insertBefore(’.com-chilipeppr-elem-dragdrop .dropdown-menu .divider:first’); from your workspace init method after you chilipeppr.load() the elem-drag-drop.

    BTW, you can also send the /sceneClear pubsub to the 3D viewer to get rid of the sample logo Gcode.

    There’s gobs of awesome pubsubs available in the 3D viewer widget pull down menu in the pubsub viewer dialog box.

    The sample is now in the elem-drag-drop menu.

    @raykholo I added getBoundingBox and setBoundingBoxMin functions and pubsubs. I’m uneasy adding position information alongside the filename since that’s redundant with three.js data. Redundant data tends to create a bugfest. But, adding functions and pubsubs that make it easier to work with three.js is a good thing.

    @Todd_Fleming if I were to use the ThreeJS function setPosition on one of those meshes, would your boxes update accordingly? I just wanted to make sure it would all play nice.

    Yes, if you set the mesh widget’s .changed member. Be careful with setPosition; the meshes’s triangles may sometimes be a large distance from it, which is why I don’t use it.