Finaly start to replicate experience of shauki on Bic gear..

Finaly start to replicate experience of shauki on Bic gear… ok start positive…no need glue or other to fix on stepper…grip are wonderful and I use used mini Bic. … guy try it before buy any gear drive… ok gear drive are more easy to install…but bulk China are orrible quality the best and have same grip of Bic are drive gear from robotdigg. .5$ and one month…

bic drive less 2 euro + 10min dismount and mount on stepper
robotdigg drive 5euro + 1 month of wait + 1min for mount on stepper

Oh great I had been meaning to ask about this. The wheels I have seen look like they have flanges on the edge for your thumb and a central wheel for the flint. The picture looks like maybe you are pulling the flanges off then stacking them on a bolt maybe? If so, what size bolt and how do you make sure the wheels are centered on the bolt (exact diameter match?) The picture looks like maybe 2.5 lighters used for 5 rings?

Also curious. Is the procedure for using these documented anywhere?

@Whosa_whatsis ​ can make but only need destroy a mini Bic lighter… enlarge spire and push it on stepper motor…really simple operation

What Mauro is showing above looks like the thumb wheel portions, while what you’re showing looks like what’s between those thumb wheel portions. I may not be correct but don’t quite get which is being used.

Ok just take photo please now show better