Finally released! The new STL/GCode Viewer for Android is here.

Finally released! The new STL/GCode Viewer for Android is here.

Released by Root Zero Games? Odd name for a STL/GCode Viewer writer…

Hi @Markus_Fussenegger - nice work on the app. I just gave it a spin and have a couple of comments/issues - let me know if you’d prefer them written up in a bug tracker or something.

I wasn’t too keen on the app rummaging around my harddrive looking for files. I’d much prefer to be able to tell it where to look. It appears to have ended up traversing a samba share (I’m running it on a tablet over wifi).

The two attempts at loading gcode failed - the first (90KB) displayed the workspace but no model, and the second (2MB) gave an error that it could not load the file. Let me know if you want me to ping you the files for testing etc.

Uh not working… did i just install a virus?

@Arnold_Garcia no, you haven’t. What’s the exact problem?

@Gary_Hodgson Thank you, for giving it a try. I will consider your comments for the next version. If you send me an exemplary gcode file to, I will try to improve the gcode parsing.

My comment in Google Play:

Perfect start, go ahead @Markus_Fussenegger
Cool app, I really like the tablet UI. Nice that some buttons help with camera orientation and render options. The parallel projection mode is a bit strange, I prefer perspective view. Unfortunately it refused to open my gcode-file. But nevertheless, give it a try :slight_smile:

I’ll send you my gcode file.

It gets better from day to day :slight_smile: