Finally made a full 3D Model of the Talos3D Tria Delta.

(Eric Lien) #1

Finally made a full 3D Model of the Talos3D Tria Delta. When @Alex_Lee and I built ours back a few years ago we only made models for the required parts. But now the full model is put together (At least for the version I built). And it has been uploaded to the github.

(Ray Kholodovsky) #2

There’s no bungee cord in the renderings… :slight_smile:

(Eric Lien) #3

@raykholo yeah, and the Bowden tube is missing too. I tried adding them, but then I can’t move the carriages around in the solidworks model without creating weird mating failures in the model. So I left them out.

(Alex Lee) #4

@Eclsnowman Absolutely amazing work as always man!

(Mike Miller) #5

I have a 80% done delta I kinda gave up on with a 32-bit controller, I suspect It’s a little too wide for it’s height. Do you find any seriously hard to tune out…I guess you’d call it pincushion? I suspect it’s what happens when an effector gets too close to parallel with the surface.

(Eric Lien) #6

My delta is my most reliable and highest quality surface finish printer. If it fits on the delta it prints on the delta.

(Zane Baird) #7

Excellent work as always @Eclsnowman !

(Jeff Kes) #8

Very nice like always Eric

(Sébastien Plante) #9

Oh, I think the carriage and effector should fit my Chery Pi 3S as a replacement !

Mine is broken (fixed with CA Glue) and I don’t like how the belt are holding :smiley:

(Sébastien Plante) #10


I’m trying to fix my broken Delta and wish to move to this design as I don’t like the one I have now (I mostly don’t like how the belt hold).

Do you have some details about the rods size, balls and stuff?

I’m using a Cherry Pi 3S, I think I would only need the carriage, rods and effector !

Thanks ! :smiley:

(Eric Lien) #11

Balls and rods are all off the shelf items from ultibots. Mine are 288mm, but they have them in other sizes. They also have printed end cups, or machined delrin.

(Sébastien Plante) #12

I’m at 240mm but it’s a little short, 288 might do… I’ll look with them, thanks !