Finally installed Walter Hsiao 's Mini Space Invaders Carriage with 40mm Fan.

Finally installed @Walter_Hsiao 's Mini Space Invaders Carriage with 40mm Fan. The bushings from my original carriage got loose an fell off during a print so I installed the carriage that has been half finished for quite some time. It’s printed in ASA-X. This carriage is higher than the original, therefore I had to modify the Z-axis support to allow the bed to reach the nozzle (one screw head touched the Z-shaft mount). I might redesign the Z-end stop switch mount as it had to be twisted to move up the switch high enough. Part cooling fans are ordered. Does anyone know how they are fixed? Glue?


My fans just pressed in. They are snug, but not tight.

I added 2 dots of glue on each for security.

I used a small amount of hot glue