Finally having Arduino Due and gShield tested I hooked up Nema 23 motors onto

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Finally having Arduino Due and gShield tested I hooked up Nema 23 motors onto the machine and it looks like there is not enough torque from the stepper motors. I cannot even home an axis, machine don’t move or sometimes moves a little (thousands of a mm) and stops showing HOLD status. When I disconnected limit switch cables from ArduinoDue, all 3 motors run OK. Reconnecting any single switch wire to Due pin and I have no torque again.
I disconnected Nema 23 from gShield and connected Nema 17, all running ‘in the air’ - homing and limit switches works fine.
Then I replaced Arduino Due with Arduino Uno and connected the same gShield board to Uno flashed with grbl09j. Did some little rewiring (limit switches and probe) and machine with Nema 23 works fine, homing, limits, axis movement is all OK.

What is recommended firmware build for TinyG G2 on Due + gShield?
What is your experience?

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Continuing my previous post ( I have built a firmware for TinyG G2 Arduino Due+gShield with NO limit switches and NO Z-probe support. Changes made to settings/shapeoko2_settings.h, original values shown in comments.
DI1_MODE (Arduino pin D14) -> Xmin (NO) used for X axis homing
DI2_MODE (Arduino pin D15) -> Xmax (DISABLED) not used
DI3_MODE (Arduino pin D16) -> Ymin (NO) used for Y axis homing
DI4_MODE (Arduino pin D17) -> Ymax (DISABLED) not used
DI5_MODE (Arduino pin D18) -> Zmin (NO) used for Z-probe
DI6_MODE (Arduino pin D19) -> Zmax (NO) used for Z axis homing

Homing and probing successfully tested using Chilipeppr (

The firmware version I recently got from github is 83.09, but it is possible to load firmware 087-edge using Chilipeppr Board Programming feature. Where I can get the updates?