Finally had time to finish this project I have wanted to create a lake

Finally had time to finish this project #laserwebcontest
I have wanted to create a lake map for quite a while now, but the learning curve for the software I had to pull map data from was steep. I used QGIS to grab USGS map data and exported it in vector format. Edited it in Inkscape and used the almighty LaserWeb4 for creating gcode and sending to my k40 laser. The map is fully laser cut, even the frame. It is made out of poplar. The frame is stained with a light pine stain. Coated the map with clear glaze and painted a board under the map blue for the lake area. This was by far the hardest project I have done, mainly due to the map complexity and learning all the different ways to get map data and export it. I really wanted to do a topographic map, but maybe another day. I enjoyed this and I hope to make more! Thank you to the devs of LW, I don’t know how I would laser any other way!

Very nice

Thanks @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty

Thanks for sharing and entering the contest. Good luck!

Also I should mention this was done with the C3D board from @raykholo and thank you to the devs that made GRBL-LPC possible on the C3D board. IMO, it is by far the best setup and has worked without issue since I flashed GRBL-LPC (a little off topic, but I felt it necessary to give credit where it is most definitely warranted!!).

@Arion_McCartney thanks! Can I use these pics in a “made with C3D” gallery?

@raykholo Absolutely.

Do you have a name for this work?

I would call it “Rye Patch Reservoir, NV Lake Map” if I had to give it a name :slight_smile: