Finally got the speaker put back together so I could take some pictures of

Finally got the speaker put back together so I could take some pictures of the cast acrylic sheet from Ebay being used as a diffuser. The first video is of it with the LEDs moved back about 1/4" from the back of the sheet.

And here is a video showing how it looks when the LED matrix is pushed right up against the back of the sheet.

I’ll put a few more – the diffuser makes the plain old FastLED rainbow look really cool, IMO.

And one more with the LEDs pushed close against the acrylic…I have a knob on the speaker that moves the LED panel closer/further from the diffuser, so you can change the look :slight_smile: .

and lastly, the link to the diffuser again:

Thank you for the videos @Mike_Clifford . Both close and further away look good in their own way. I really like the 1/4" gap look.

And you have some great patterns going on there. What a sweet gift for your daughter.

I really like the pattern after the fire in the first video. Are you sharing the code? Are any of the patterns modulated to the music?

@marmil thanks! It is actually for some friends daughter’s…making five of these. Still working on the newborn mode…highly contrasted slow moving patterns.

@Will_Tatam yes, I’ll be sharing the code when I post the build video for the speaker on my Modustrial Maker youtube channel. If you subscribe to the channel YouTube will let you know when it is uploaded ;). There are a few VU patterns that go with the music (there is an electret mic in the speaker) and the patterns after fire are based on +Stefan Patrick 's DJ light music syncing code that pulses intensity and changes color based on music. Also, the flashing blobs (for lack of better term) are based on some music reactive code I found here.