Finally got the Smoothie working.

Finally got the Smoothie working. Great job on the app! I have a few things I have questions about:

  1. When I set 10% power, the laser seemed to incrementally gain power between cuts. Not a big deal, I can just override with the pot.

  2. Is there support for G41/G42, in other words, can I add this into the G-code to compensate for the laser radius, or is it always centreline? I’m trying to cut the attached out and of course, currently, it’s a game of trying to compensate in the geometry for the correct fit. This one is fine, but it took trial and error. I’m thinking it is overcutting by 0.1mm maybe, not that I’ve used my verniers (calipers) yet to check :wink:


  1. have you tried the Laser cut outside / inside operations

Not in anger, no. I assumed they just let me cut those types of features, so stuff doesn’t fall out prematurely (unless tagged). I’ll give that a go - thanks!

Also there a field called margin you can play with

I can’t get the inside/outside options to create any code. I even tried a 10x10mm square and it didn’t work (I was guessing offset failure but it appears not).

@Rob_Thompson I just generated code with it. I did the following. Added a 50x50mm square. Created a Laser Cut Outside operation. Made laser diameter 1mm to make it very obvious and it worked