Finally got some PLA last night,

Finally got some PLA last night, so to try things out I printed another Maker Faire Robot. This was before I calibrated anything, so it’s a bit thinner than it should be, but it came out ok. I did have some heat issues, though, as evidenced by the bottoms of the arms. They were curling up as it printed.

I was printing at 190C for the first layer and 180C for the rest. Is that too hot? What can I do to combat this curling? I didn’t have any sticking problems and the legs turned out awesome. But once it started dropping a lot of plastic in one place to bridge when the body started, it got kind of goopy. This was just 2 shells, no infill.


Fan. Seriously, PLA <3’s fans.

Yeah, I’m printing a trophy now and the fan helps. But there’s still curling much the same way there was here that the an doesn’t seem to help. I wonder how to combat that.