Finally got around to the torture test.

(Adam Steinmark) #1

Finally got around to the torture test. Printed with the settings on the 3DBenchy website. I wanted to print higher quality but I thought I’d try the recommended settings first. Pics are provided for end of print and after a quick cleanup. I obviously have some small retraction issues but that’s not a big deal. There are other slight imperfections including overhangs, bottom layer bulging, and the 0.1mm plate on the stern is unreadable. All of these issues are minor and pretty standard on FDM/FFF machines. Stepping is still pretty smooth, the hull is smooth, and nearly all the dimensions are within 1% of expected results. All in all better than expected.

(shubham bane) #2

where is its stl model

(Adam Steinmark) #3

Thingiverse, Intructable, 3DBenchy website, take your pick just Google 3DBenchy.