Finally got a chance to get caught up on a whole bunch of changes/testing/checkins.

Finally got a chance to get caught up on a whole bunch of changes/testing/checkins. The latest set of pushes to the 3.1 branch bring in quite a bit, platformwise:

  • rfduino support
  • sparkcore/stm32 support
  • teensy-lc support (note: WS2812 still not working, but SPI based led chipsets should for now)
  • Arduino 1.6.1 support (or rather, tested against arduino 1.6.1).

There’s still some areas of testing that I need to revisit, namely attiny and 8mhz 328p on avr, and I need to finish up the teensy-lc clockless support (having clock issues there, however).

Apologies for the code breaks earlier this week - that’s what happens when I try to pick and choose changes to give someone a quick fix :slight_smile:

Specifically tested today:

  • teensy 3, teensy 3.1
  • Arduino leonardo, arduino uno
  • Arduino due
  • RFDuino

Spark core requires fuckery to use the library with their tools - I’m not going to touch the FastLED spark-core repo for a while, however.

I also haven’t been able to test the mega because I think I may have fubar’d my mega.

You’re welcome to use this WS2812 bitbanging code I wrote for Adafruit’s library, if you want to get it working quickly on Teensy-LC.

Sadly, that neither allows for supporting the inline scaling/dithering that FastLED does, nor supports the other dozen 3 wire chipsets that I have support for.

I’m working on an unrolled solution now - as the problem is the m0 clocks are terribly inaccurate (in terms of number of cycles to read) - which is similar to what I did with the nrf51822 and am having to do with [REDACTED] as well. It seems like this is just a limitation with m0 based platforms that I have to deal with/live with.

Yeah, while much faster than AVR, Cortex-M0+ isn’t the awesomeness of M4, and it lacks the very easy cycle counting of slow AVR.

f*ck!!! Really stm32 support? i’m gonna coooooommmm!!! Really nice update!!! it promises heaven!!!

damn, you guys have been busy! Super excited about the spark core support

Exciting news!

Is the parallel output feature going to expand to other led types that include the clock line (such as the apa-102s) as well?

Is that even possible with the way it works?

Possible, but I’m unlikely to do it. From some quick back of the napkin numbers, the top aggregated data rate I can get (on the teensy 3.1) with parallel APA102 is ~23-25Mbps. I can push APA102 at 24Mbps using the hardware SPI port, so there’s really no win at all for me to do a parallel version of the APA102 code.

Hi @Daniel_Garcia , any update on support for 2812 on teensy-lc ? It seems to be near to work but I’m getting flickering :frowning: