Finally getting around to a little wiring cleanup after my 120v/800w/SSR heated bed upgrade

Finally getting around to a little wiring cleanup after my 120v/800w/SSR heated bed upgrade a while back. The printed cable chain worked surprisingly well (a little dab of superlube at the link joints make the motion smooth as butter).

Here is the one I used, but I modeled a custom bottom link to bolt it to the slot using standard m5 slot nuts:

I like the chain… Nice work Eric :slight_smile:

@Jean-Francois_Coutur thanks. I think I might install cable tray around the base to clean things up further. Cable clutter drives me crazy.

How long did these take to print? I’ve been looking at some options for my laser build. Would love to print it and save 100$

@Joe_Spanier It prints quick. I filled up my Eustathios build plate with them nested very tightly. Takes about 3 hours when I print at high speed.

Nice. Looks like I found my chain

Hi Eric,
You designed a 12/2 leadscrew for the Herculien, but I have a problem finding it here in Europe, so would a 10/2 Leadscrew work too ? (I know a 12/2 is harder to bend. …but apart from that ?)

@Jo_Miller I am sure it would. In fact I used a 8mm fine pitch threaded rod for months before getting the proper lead screws. They made nice prints also, but I had to run lower z speeds due to friction.

What size SSR are you running for that pad?

@Eclsnowman thanks, I´ll go for the 10/2 mm then

@Joe_Spanier the model number is in the BOM, but it is a 20a omron (watch out for knock offs). Since it is a 800w 120v heater the amps draw is only a fraction of the 20a capacity.

@Eclsnowman Do you have a link to the cable chain with the modified bottom link as it looks good and will clean up the power connection to my #HercuLien heat bed? I looked through the #herculien files and could not locate it.

@Marc_McDonald I don’t have it modeled in solidworks yet. I used freecad to modify an existing design. Here are the files until I get them modeled in solidworks:

@Marc_McDonald ​​ fyi you have to remove the orange outer silicone installation through the cable chain because it won’t fit the one Large cable. But it removes easily.