finally did  support-free in Take 3.

#Ares3Dprinter finally did #3DBenchy support-free in Take 3. Again it demonstrates the excellent capabilities of Ares out of the box. (Take 3 is on the right or in the center. Left is Take 2 with reduced support - Sign in - Google Accounts the other was printed with support at 0.2mm layer height - Sign in - Google Accounts

It took me some learning to turn off support in KISSlicer. I really love the cleanness. Great design to make this possible. There is a slight glitch on the front sill due to bridging, but otherwise bridging was totally successful. And I don’t have to awkwardly reach in to remove support! (There are a very small number of very fine strings left.)

Some experienced printers use glue on blue tapes. So I added glue stick on top of the super sticky Harbor Freight tape this time. I even spent a lot of time trying to thin and smoothen glue, and wait for added water to dry. It only marginally improves bottom text. Removing the build still destroys tape.

Print time is not changed without support.