Finally did it. A Black Panther QR Clone.

Finally did it. A Black Panther QR Clone. Re-used stuff from my CoreXY (now RIP) project. Thanks to @Michael_Memeteau and @shauki for sharing the onshape cad files.

Great seeing another Black Panther coming to life… :wink:

Thx. More to come. The First of Many :wink:

custom made RTV Silicone cover; try to not make PET stick to the thread of the nozzle

@mb_x1 Did you have to modify the X/Y carriage to accommodate the small wheel size? It actually make sense for decreasing he inertia even more…

yes of course. first because the awmq-10 is 7.5mm per side, second had to modify the drafts to the wheels too not touch the 2020

third, make the vertical wheel distance shorter

Are leveling screws driven through what appears to be some silicone cylindrical blocks? Or what are those?

@Florian_Ford exactly. rtv silicone “dampeners”