Finally assembling my Eustathios... 3 months late.

Finally assembling my Eustathios… 3 months late. However, is the bearing pictured below has a bit of wiggle, is it intended to be snug? Do I have the wrong bearing if so? If the right bearing, have I had an accuracy issue all along I haven’t noticed?

There is slight play, maybe 0.4 mm, between the outer diameter of the bearing and the socket.

It really depends on calibration between printers. If you have some kapton tape put a loop or two around the bearing before pressing it in, repeat until snug.

Also that looks like a 608 bearing. Those should house 6900 series bearings (i.e. 10mm ID bearings).

That’ll do it! Ty man.

Mine might be tighter since I print in abs, and also because I print them standing up versus laying down. That creates a little flat at the top which may be the difference. Let me know if you want me to make a tighter tolerance version for your printer.

@Eclsnowman ​ bingo. That’s what I should’ve done with the ones I’ve printed so far (lay them flat). I will do that for the remaining ones.

@Jim_Wilson After vapor smoothing, the diameter of my bearing insert became a touch larger. What I did was smear a little Permatex Orange on the outer diameter of the bearing and inserted the bearing into the holder. Then wipe off any excess with a paper towel. The Permatex gasket fills the void and will prevent the bearing from popping out.

Sorry, its actually red

@Eclsnowman imo your model was dead on. Good job!

Just printed mine in ABS (standing). I used @Eclsnowman s STL files without scaling, 80% infill. After removing support and cleaning with a file the inner diameter was about 21.8mm (no vapor smoothing). I then heated up the bearing with a hot air gun (not too hot, otherwise the lubricant evaporizes) and pressed it in. Fits tight. Now I have to wait for the Motedis aluminium extrusions and continue to print other parts…

@Daniel_F you will have to let me know how it stacks up against your CoreXY/QR.