FINALLY! A configure dialog for TinyG.

FINALLY! A configure dialog for TinyG. Thanks to @Kevin_Hauser

Wow Kevin, Your very own button!
Nice job;!
Now get back to work

This is really awesome, nice work Kevin! I assume the code is out in jsfiddle land somewhere? I’d like to see how this was accomplished under the hood. Did John expose some special hooks for you in the Serial utility or is this all just accomplished via gcode?

Hi Anthony, it’s all just standard pubsub. Every widget has a “pubsub” menu item in the upper right corner under the little caret. You just publish to those signals or subscribe to them. So, all of ChiliPeppr is self-documenting. Kevin just used that. I use it too, i.e. I eat my own dog food. All of ChiliPeppr was designed that way. So, anybody can do it. Even the macros are standard code. In fact, you can fork Kevin’s widget in the same upper right corner menu of his dialog box.


@Kevin_Hauser TinyG v.438.09 (not released yet) changed some of the settings for power management. You can read about it here:

@Kevin_Hauser we should think of a value to say which version the config widget applies to. I think perhaps saying your firmware is too old as john does is the best bet. This way people trying to configure old values on new firmwares are not confused.

Also we are looking for people to bang on 438.09 which fixes some bugs as well if anyone is interested let me know. I want to avoid it hitting the public as this is still very much needs testing.

Oh super awesome btw.

@Riley_Porter_ril3y I have an R&D TinyG I can bang it on.

@Mike_Thornbury email me at my username @

@Riley_Porter_ril3y LOL, thanks. I’m glad it is “super awesome”!
I am by no means “done”, but wanted to get something out to use. I intend to add a lot, such as the other (somewhat less important) settings. Firmware version support is also on the list.
I would offer to beta the next firmware but I am so new to CNC I wouldn’t be able to differentiate my f’up from the firmware!

Hah NP. Honestly its bug fixes so it might work better but I will test some more.

I’ll think about it some more. Right now I have too little free time. For example, if I am working on the config utility then nothing is happening with the CNC itself because I only have a little free time a day. Weekends are also super busy right now, but that will change. At that point I might actually be useful. But I have to assume the new version will release by then.