Finalised/Completely accurate drawings of the E3D-v5 All Metal Hotend are up and available at

(Sanjay Mortimer) #1

Finalised/Completely accurate drawings of the E3D-v5 All Metal Hotend are up and available at under the documentation tab!

3D CAD as STEP/IGES to follow as soon as I have time to do it. (if you want to do it yourself and post them, please do!)

(Thomas Sanladerer) #2

Got a changelog for us?

(Sanjay Mortimer) #3

Compared to v4:
-Reduced weight due to thinner fins.
-Increased cooling capacity - thinner fins allow us to get more fins packed onto the same heatsink.
-Better final brass nozzle geometry gives less ‘dragging’ of the nozzle over curled up prints, and less heat radiated towards prints. I’ve got some of that P2P FlexPloyester on the way - along with a whole bunch of speciality filaments from them. Fun times ahead.
-Better chamfers/funnelling where filament enters the hotend or goes from one part of the hotend to another. This reduces snagging and increases reliability.
-Placement of thermistor altered for more accurate and reliable reading (sensor closer to melt zone).

Also added the feature for the integrated bowden system, which is special/unique in that the PTFE tubing doesn’t just connect to the top of the hotend with a pneufit coupler - Instead the tubing actually passes THROUGH the pneufit coupler and down into the hotend. This eliminates filament snagging on pneufit couplers which are really designed for conveying fluids and not filaments, it also increases the degree to which the filament is confined radially.

0.25mm and 0.6mm add-on nozzles were added with the release of v5 too, but they are backwards compatible to all previous versions so not v5 specific.

(Normand Chamberland) #4

The Brass nozzle drawing on the documentation page is still marked as V4 and date is 11-4-13… Is that the latest one that comes with the V5 hotend?

So you didn’t use SolidWorks to create the 2D drawings this time?

(Sanjay Mortimer) #5

That is indeed the latest design.

The final designs were tweaked to account for some optimisations for manufacture by the end-machinists. These are their drawings from which the parts are produced.

(Jonathan “se5a” Sorensen) #6

Hey @Sanjay_Mortimer , it looks like your description under the direct drive hotend is for the bowden extruder and the description for the bowden extruder kit is for the direct drive one :wink:

(Sanjay Mortimer) #7

@Jonathan_se5a_Sorens Good catch, fixed. Thank you.

(Jonathan “se5a” Sorensen) #8

no worries, don’t forget the kit pictures!

(Chet Wyatt) #9

Thanks, @Sanjay_Mortimer :slight_smile:

(Tim Rastall) #10

@Sanjay_Mortimer I’ve altered the 3d models I’d already made accordingly. All that’s missing are the threads for the various parts and I can add those if you want. What format suits you?

(Sanjay Mortimer) #11

STEP/IGES is ideal if you can export to that.
Modelling threads is broadly a waste of time I think?

(Tim Rastall) #12

Roger that, I don’t usually but thought I should check :slight_smile:

(Tim Rastall) #13

Here you go:
Only have the bowden heatsinks on your documentation site. I think I’ve got an up-to date model of the non-bowden but it would be good to check before I post.
I’ve left everything un-threaded will holes sized for tapping; Assumed the bowden connector 1/8 BSP thread is 8.8mm dia hole size.