Final result... The colour difference in the engraving is due to the poplar-plex not

Final result… The colour difference in the engraving is due to the poplar-plex not being completely flat, and the Z probe pressing in to the wood in those places while engraving the other parts, and thus making it more dense in some places…

looks like alot of power in engraving that, poplar is so soft. that done at 0? you can always offset it manual if you think it needs it. i somtimes defocus to engrave

:open_mouth: also i hate to be that that guy but i think you have a spelling mistake in your design :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s at 0%… Remember, I did happen to get a tube that outputs close to 50Watts… :wink:

De-focusing makes sense, but then you’ll need to split the job, so you can refocus before the cut…
(Hence my suggestion for a Z offset in the LW4 job settings!) :wink:

mmm try reducing the trickle power, 0.06

The config has it set to 0.08 which is likely a little high

laser_module_minimum_power 0.08 # This is a value just below the minimum duty cycle that keeps the laser

@FabCreator no spelling mistake! A deliberate wordplay… BDay present for my godson, whose bday is coming up next week!

Ah i should have know its correct, there is a tick after all :wink:

This poplar is extremely soft though, so very suitable for live hinges, less suitable for consistency in engraving…

yeah poplar is super for cutting because to can basically cut it at engraving speeds. We are currently looking for some suppliers of nicer veneered hardwoods, they engrave really nice.