Final Product Doesn't Match Created File

Brand new to laser engraving/cutting. I’m using a K40 with cohesion3d laserboard and Lightburn. I have tried creating two different files and the outcome when I try to cut/engrave them is not what the file looks like in Lightburn. It’s close, but there are a couple things out of place and I have no idea why. Why isn’t it creating/cutting/engraving the project exactly as shown in the Lightburn sketch??? I’ve circled the couple areas where it isn’t exactly as it is in Lightburn. In the last picture, I I put where the shapes are supposed to be in red. Thanks!

I guess this is caused by lost steps. You should check the stepper current and accelleration.
Also check that the pullys and belts are not loose.

I also had this on my 2nd laser trying to run it at the same step speed I had used for ages on my first, it had to be a good 10% slower to work.