Final Patterns for YUM sign 2015: Hello FastLED,

(Matt Richard) #1

Final Patterns for YUM sign 2015:

Hello FastLED,

I finished up the pattern programming for the YUM sign in time to send it off to sunny Sacramento last Friday morning. It will then make a short journey to Black Rock City where, hopefully, a few of you will be able to see it and perhaps try the YUM cart experience.

First off, thanks to @Mark_Kriegsman for creating the overlay code. It looks great and adds just the right amount of unity to make all the patterns work together.

As for the patterns that I added, there are three: 4 random color chase, rainbow with darkness, and warm goo. The code is mighty ugly, I must clean it up a little before I post :slight_smile: I took some video of the final settings before it was shipped off. I have asked my friends to send images and video of it on the playa. I will in turn post what I get when I get it.

Matt Richard

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

Fantastic! Looks just great!

(Jarrod Wagner) #3

Is the cat included in the display?! Because that’s awesome :slight_smile:

Great work, very inspiring

(Matt Richard) #4

Thanks everyone :smiley:

@Jarrod_Wagner that’s Morty, he has been rather fascinated with this project. Though I suspect it has more to do with the cables then the lights.

@Tom_Shea I am not using a diffuser for the LEDs. Instead, I mounted them perpendicular to a white surface that reflects the light outward. However, a few of my favorite diffusers are: sanded white acrylic, white solid surface(Corian), and Tyvek.

White acrylic is reasonably cheap, and very easy to laser cut. After cutting it give it a good sanding with an orbital sander using 220 grit discs. You can tap acrylic using a cheap tap set from amazon and make a nice finished product. If you can’t find/buy white acrylic, you can sand the heck out of clear to get a diffuser. Its not the same, but it can work. A great place to find scrap of this is outside of fabrication studios. A lot of places that make displays for big retail stores use a lot of this stuff and throw out there scraps.

White solid surface( Corian ) is expensive but gorgeous! It just glows so nice and feels wonderful in your hands. It can be a pain to work with by hand, but you can CNC route it relatively easy. I get leftover pieces from here:

Tyvek is very cheap, super thin, light weight, and holds up out doors. However, it is not at all rigid and closer to a fabric in material properties. It also has an almost tie dye texture to it, which can be nice.