Filament age and storage

I’m new to 3D Printing, I bought some filament roles from Creality, i want to know for how long can I store filament in original unopened packing

For open box filament if I store filament in air tight bag after use, for how long it can stay good? normally humidity in my house is around 35 to 50% with around 20 to 25C temperature.

Filament shipped in aluminized plastic bags should last years without needing to be dried. For example, I rarely get even 1g of water out of duramic filament when drying it, even if it’s one of my original pre-COVID stash. Filament shipped in vacuum bags that are not aluminized but have silica beads are often OK for most printing, though with PETG they sometimes need to be dried; I’ve sometimes gotten 2-3g of water out of PETG packed in non-aluminized plastic.

Aluminized bags are better than non-aluminized bags. PETG is very sensitive to moisture content; you can often put up with more moisture in PLA, though it gets brittle. If the PLA breaks when left out, it needs to be dried. This can also cause tangles.

Non-poisonous indicating silica beads (the orange ones, not the blue ones with cobalt) really extend the length of time you can store filament without drying.

I’ve gotten enough water out of freshly-shipped PETG filament that I routinely dry it before using it as soon as I open the bag.

I measure water removed by weighing before and after with a sensitive scale.


I have some PLA filament I bought 7 years ago and it still prints OK.
ABS of similar vintage does benefit fro a few hours in the de-humidifier.
Ziplock bags and a packet or two of desiccant are a good way to store opened rolls.


In my experience I have ABS that’s been out for a really long time and still prints great. I found that old pla still prints looking good… But it does tends to be more brittle if I have it left out for a while. Several of my printers have long Bowden tubes and pla that’s been out a long time has a far higher tendency to crack in the tube. I also seem to find that pla tends to get a lot more moisture ingress in from the end of the filament then inwards from the outer diameter. So that first three or four feet on pla that’s been out can get really brittle but after that it can be okay.

Petg is something I almost religiously dry before printing. It’ll still prints ok if it’s not dry, but you’ll fight a lot more stringing and build up on the nozzle. Whereas if I dry it really well before printing I find it’s easier to print than pla personally.

I bought a few of the plug-in style rechargeable desiccant dryers off of Amazon ( And then I keep all of my filament in with these desiccants in sealed totes that I got from Fleet Farm (