Figure this might be a good place to post this,

Figure this might be a good place to post this, anyone looking to add a printer kitten to their collection? I had Patrick build one up for me but I’m just swimming in printers. Only changes made have been swapping out the titan for bondtech mini, changing the firmware steps and printing out the gold benchy pictured. Would love it if someone had a use for it :slight_smile: I’m happy to let it go for a good price, was thinking $495. I’m not sure what the state of the project is, but the github stuff is all still there. It’s the printer from this post:

Thanks! Brad

I might be interested. Not that my wife would let me buy another one (she thinks 5 is too many). But just because I saw it in person last year and I know how high the quality is. You coming to MRRF?

On a similar tangent, do we know if Patrick is coming to MRRF? I came across this design a few days ago and would love to see it in person.

I do love this printer. It’s built like a rock and the print quality is some of the best I’ve seen

@Eclsnowman sadly not this year, hoping for next year, my Culver’s withdrawals are starting to get worse! @raykholo not that I know of, I think that due to the lack of generating good sales they have archived the project for the most part. Maybe it’s the Tantillus curse! more than likely it’s just hard to sell a smaller printer when most consumers are only looking at $ divided by print area.

@Brad_Hill ironically the reason this caught my eye is that it seemed a simpler and more affordable implementation of DICE

@Brad_Hill @Eclsnowman @raykholo Hey guys. I’m not going to MRRF this year unfortunately. Trying to make money selling the kitten wasn’t making the most sense when you take into account the time it takes to make each one and the cost of the components. Plus it became difficult to find buyers because of the high cost. Matt and I also got pretty busy with other projects ect. That being said, I still think the kitten is a great printer for someone looking for a project and a small portable PLA printer. It’s definitely a solid little printer. I’ve carried it onto airplanes many times. is down, but we plan to keep the github up and will get the pictures working again for the assembly instructions soon.

@Brad_Hill I hope you find a good home for it. That 3dBenchy looks great. You’ve really got it dialed in. If anyone is wondering, $495 is a great price. Well under the BOM cost if you were to build one yourself.

@Patrick_Woolfenden I can attest to what you are saying. I reviewed the BOM in detail. All high quality components. You did a great job.

@Brad_Hill if you still have the printer for sale and @Eclsnowman is no longer interested I’ll go ahead and purchase it if you don’t mind shipping to Florida

@Amit_Patel please do. I don’t need another, just didn’t want to see it go to waste. It’s an exception printer, you will be very happy.

@Amit_Patel ​ Florida shipping no problem, shoot me an email unsped@

Thx @Brad_Hill sent u an email