"FGZ2811"? So I'm trying to help Peter Chestna   work out some problems with

So I’m trying to help @Peter_Chestna work out some problems with these pixels (remember my ‘promotional price’ post from earlier? yeah, those) from Ray Wu: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/promotion-DC5V-WS2811-controlled-12mm-diameter-led-pixel-node-50pcs-a-string-with-black-wire-injection/804958154.html
They’re advertised as WS2811 (and yes, the description is …quirky), but Pete says the boards are labeled with “FGZ2811” … and he’s having trouble that looks like maybe it’s timing related, which makes me think maybe it’s a chip “variation”.
Anyone here seen anything calling itself an “FGZ2811”? I suspect he’ll be posting here later himself, but I wanted to get the question out there.

Foo - my box of these showed up but I haven’t even opened them yet to see what’s going on with them. And now I’m at an airport waiting for my flight.

As Pete updated, they’re vanilla WS2811s, and work great with RC5.

Thank you Mark! Back in business…

Great! Post pics or video when you get it lit with your animations!