Feedrate changes when moving multiple axis

When I send a gcode line that contains the Y and Z axis, I get a lower feedrate than I expect.

G1 A-360 Y0.10 Z0.10 E3.1 F0.51 – this takes about 14.2 seconds to complete the movement,

If I remove the Z or the Y, and only send one of these axis, I get the expected feedrate.
G1 A-360 Z0.10 E3.1 F0.51 – this takes about 10 seconds to complete (which is expected)
G1 A-360 Y0.10 E3.1 F0.51 – similarly, replacing Z with Y also works as expected and completes in 10 seconds.

I can scale the feedrate by 1.42x but that doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.

Do I need to compile for more axis?

I’m running Windows 10 and connecting over USB with a stock smoothie, and five external stepper drivers. Three are XYZ cartesian axis, one is a rotary axis (A) and one extruder (E).

paste bin of config here: printman config - Pastebin.com

It’s not 1.42, it’s 1,414213562 ie the actual distance travelled when you move 1 in one direction and 1 in the other ( sqrt(2), see pythagorus). This is as expected, that’s how the physics/geometry of it works out.

Also, your config file is extremely out of date, you need to upgrade both your config and firmware to the latest version, and port your values over (do not just re-use your file/adapt it, see docmuentation)


aha! Thanks @Arthur_Wolf !!

Question about the config file being out of date…

I went to the documentation, found the big blue button and downloaded the latest config from the edge configsamples directory.

when I compare it to my config file, it seems like its current and just some values are different.

is there something in particular that caught your eye?

you got planner queue size in there, that’s a sign of a config many years old, it was removed a long time ago

got it. we added that to try and solve a pause between layers… Ill take it out.