Feature idea: What about a autolevel feature for your whole work area -

Feature idea:

What about a autolevel feature for your whole work area - combining the “Auto-level” function in chilipeppr with the “Touch-plate” function algoritms. I have a 1000x1000 X-carve - no matter how much effort I put in it will never be 100% levelled. With such a feature this levelling problem would be minimized.

Could be built as a wizard: Select how many probing points you want, for example 5 ( an X), select working area, then hit a go button. The wizard will then be a 5-step, doing the “Auto-level” feature for each point.

Do-able? Interesting?? For me this would have been a killer feature :smiley:

Have a nice weekend!!

Christian, are you saying probe your work area and then store the probe points forever? Then just re-apply it to every Gcode file the moment it’s dragged in? It would seem that you would have to tell ChiliPeppr which part of your work area you are milling on so you’d need the entire work area represented in ChiliPeppr and then you’d have to be fairly particular about telling CP exactly where your material is sitting. Or, would you just start each job at the exact 0,0 position each time on your work area?

I too would like this feature. To answer your questions;

  1. Start at 0,0 each time. or
  2. Could a WCS be used? Admittedly, I am guessing at the function of WCS, that is still something I need to learn.
    Rick Harms

I was thinking about a calibration function storing the probe points… So it could be applied to every job. Must take basis in a fixed home position I would assume. The latter would also be great - guess both have its pros and cons :grinning:

How off is your work area? Are we talking 0.1mm like what the current Auto-Level is for? Or 1mm? Or even nearing 10mm? If your work area is particle board that can expand/contract depending on humidity in the air as well so that would hurt the utility of this.

Actually I am still working in setting up my xcarve, so I do not know how off I’ll be. But my previous machine was homemade and was not superaccurate to say it mildly. I therefore assume that a machine with such a big build area will have some problems with leveling.

Hence such a feature would be brilliant in my view :grinning:

Finally got my X-carve up and running and installed the wasteboard. Done some initial tests and I see I have a 1mm deviation in top right corner and 1.5mm in lower right corner of the system. If I had the autolevel feature for calibration of the workspace I could have fixed the offset automagically…would have been neat :smiley: