Favorite YouTube or Blogging Makers

I follow a number of great Maker’s on YouTube and thought it would be fun to see who other people are following. While I follow numerous maker’s I will just share a few to get this started.

First is arguably the king of Youtube makers, Jimmy Diresta. Always a pleasure to watch and he gets into a lot of different kinds of making.

Next is Laura Kampf. Laura is a German maker that makes great content with great production.

Finally our very own @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty. It’s been fun to watch his video production skills grow.


Well, The Dad Joke Channel, a.k.a.This Old Tony, is clearly on my list. Entertainment and ideas (mostly related to machining), not primarily education. But after watching one of his entertaining videos on a topic that is relatively new to me, I know more specific search terms to educate myself more thoroughly.

Mostly I’d rather read than watch, especially to learn. I find that watching a 30 minute video to learn what I could have picked up in 3 minutes of reading a well-written blog/forum/etc post unsatisfying. I’m probably not the target audience.


I also prefer to read, rather than watch videos. The speed of reading vs. watching is important to me as I have way too many hobbies to be watching videos :slight_smile:

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I did say blogging as well :slight_smile:

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Frank Howarth is another youtube maker I like. Great content with woodworking, turning and CNCing. Cool stop motion in a lot of his vids.


On the blogging hand:

I learn a lot from Mark Rehorst (The Digital Dentist on reprap forums):

I’ve learned a lot about circuit design reading Gas Station Without Pumps:

On very rare occasions, sprites actually posts, but on the other hand maybe I’m glad he’s busy working on software support for ESP32:

Can’t forget Bunnie:

More about rediscovering than making, but often applicable and always interesting:

Kerry D. Wong sometimes has interesting teardowns:


Youtuber Mtmwood makes some freaking amazing cnc cutting boards. He’s Russian so I can’t understand what he is saying but watching the process is amazing in itself.

I have a few but here are 3 favorites

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When I was researching K40 laser machines I found @DIY3DTECH.com who had gotten a K40 and was creating videos about his experience. In one of his videos he mentioned a K40 laser group on G+ which is how I found the group, which gave me confidence I could find support as I started my journey in making with the K40. He does videos on Lasering and 3D printing.


Want to know anything about lasers? Check out Russ Sadler!


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What this person (The S) makes with primarily cardboard and superglue is astounding.


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Peter Brown does great woodcraft projects.

Randomly found this blog. Seems like an electrical engineer with maker tools who likes to blog about his tweaks and teardowns. Some interesting stuff here.

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NightHawkInLight is another Youtube maker I watch fairly regularly. He builds some interesting contraptions.

This is another Youtuber I recently came across. Does some pretty detailed restorations of different things. Been picking up a few tips.