FastLED RC5 with Trinket & Gemma support Dan and I are happy to announce

FastLED RC5 with Trinket & Gemma support
Dan and I are happy to announce the immediate availability of the “RC5” version of our FastLED library. You can download it from the usual place:

Not only does this version compile for ATtiny-based boards, but it particularly supports the Adafruit Gemma (3.3V/8MHz) and Trinket (both 3.3V/8MHz and 5V/8-or-16MHz) boards. The one special item to be aware of here is that the global “FastLED.setBrightness” function is disabled on ATtiny-based boards at this point. Other than that, everything else should work pretty much as usual.

Earlier today I drove a “Flora Neopixel v2” (WS2811) from a Gemma and also from a Trinket. I also drove ten pixels of an LPD8806-based strip from each of them, too. Finally, I drove a strip of 30 pixels of WS2812B LEDs from an 8MHz 3.3V Gemma. All worked. Candidly, we haven’t tested the ATtiny code as exhaustively as we usually test everything else, but we wanted to get it into your hands so that you could experiment with it, too. So far, it pretty much just works.

The Adafruit ATtiny boards have a tiny amount of program space (about 5K for your code) and an even tinier amount of RAM: just 512 bytes. Have fun, and watch out that you don’t hit your head on the low ceiling down there in the basement.

Enjoy, have a good weekend, and please let us know how the new code works for you!

I JUST received some Gemma and Trinket boards to play with so GREAT timing! :slight_smile:

Some people (eg me) have had trouble getting their Trinkets and Gemmas to talk nicely to the Arduino IDE on their computer. Once that’s up and going though, FastLED goes in pretty easily.

Let us all know what YOU find!

I’m trying to use the Gemma2 with a NeoPixel Jewel rather than a Trinket and the program at with Arduino 1.6.4. I get an error - “Sketch uses 5,452 bytes (102%) of program storage space. Maximum is 5,310 bytes. Global variables use 130 bytes of dynamic memory.” Is there anything I can cut from the library to get it below the limit?