Fastled, Cine-Lights code on youtube for vu codes and instructions.

(Adam bluebottleyellowboxyellyfish) #1

Fastled, Cine-Lights code on youtube for vu codes and instructions.
A lot of time playing with fastled codes, thanks to the fastled Community :slight_smile:

(Will Tatam) #2

Very nice, care to share the code?

(Marc Miller) #3

@Will_Tatam Adam links to the Cine-Lights videos.

(manny miller) #4

Thanks Adam for some credit to your build (cine-lights) always glad to see other people’s builds. You’ve done a great job… again thanks to fastled too…

(Marc MERLIN) #5

Very cool, well done.

(Adam bluebottleyellowboxyellyfish) #6

The cine-lights codes I used are at

(Steve Tietze) #7

Nicely done, I may borrow some of your code… I had similar VU stuff going for the first few you showed… however this weekend I decided to play around with build in fastled custom palettes and being able to use PaletteKnife to create my own (

Right know my simple set up is a adafruit circuit playground classic, that has built in mic , 2 buttons and other things… I have linked changing of animations to the right button, and changing between palette on the left button. The Palettes also fade slowly between each other. Im sure this could be pushed into a Infrared receiver and transmitter (express version only)…

Basically I have the classic, with 1 meter of 30 neopixels , running the code… its kinda handy since its so tiny and compact… I need to work on some way to read a audio in 1/4 cable… anyhow good work! I plan to post my code soon.

(Chris Iannello) #8

@manny_miller Love your work…adam’s take off above a compliment. I had a question as someone new to fastled and your vu meters…I notice in the code tere is ablending of fast led cnstructs and adafruit constructs…is there a reason for that…like one is better for some aspects?