ey people! About color codes and order regarding JST 2.5 SM - 3 Pin Connector

ey people!

About color codes and order regarding JST 2.5 SM - 3 Pin Connector

It happens very often that I get new products, led strips or bulbs that use JST connectors, and discover that the manufacturer is not respecting any color code or even the order of “+ - gnd - data” in the connector. Is there a norm in this regards? what is your experience?


There is no norm - you have to be diligent about paying attention to your strips/strings/connection.

I use 4 pin JST connectors so that I can use either 3 or 4 pin strips and have documented the pinouts for use with these as well as Nano’s and Pro Micros. (I did, however, screw up on the wire colours, so the red and black don’t connect to Vcc and Gnd respectively).

So, my recommendation is to Keep Calm and document a standard that works for you.

thanks for sharing guys!