Ey! I am using 3 arduino mega to drive each a different led strip.


I am using 3 arduino mega to drive each a different led strip. After some time, it is easy to see that they are not working at the same pace. Is there a way to connect the 3 arduinos so they share the same clock or something like this?


I’m totally new to this, and I think Daniel’s library plays with the interrupt schemes … but I would investigate using one as a "master’ an output pin tied to the others which start their code on interrupt … but I defer to Dan the man … query … why not make use of those components in the library to create multiple controllers on one device?

it is tricky. I am not even using Fastled. I am using a programm that makes an interpretation of a bmp file and send it to the led strip…

I am also hoping to be able to have one arduino as a clock, and to connect it to the other three that follows the lead of the first one, but I have no idea what I am taking about

if not using FastLed … investigate interrupts … should be easy …

If you are not using FastLED, why do you ask here?

I ask here because it is a place that hosts a community of people with knowledge about this kind of things and the outcome of such discussions can be applied to several domains, including Fastled. I hope I am not disturbing with this.

I will check on interrupts