Exploring sonicating ice cream

Yes, “sonicating” is a word.

I’ve been exploring a different way to make ice cream than the standard way with a “dasher” pushing ice crystals into solution over and over. Searches aren’t showing that lots of other hobbyists are playing with this, though I’m not sure why not. It’s delicious research.


This approach gives a nice texture, but no overrun (entrained air). Not sure how to get both features in a home ice cream machine.

Too bad you can’t attach Sonic’s transducers to the paddles!

If I were just buying a home ice cream machine today, it would probably be

But I very strongly doubt there’s a good way to hack it to add an ultrasonic transducer and driver.

And really, I don’t actually need very much ice cream. :roll_eyes:

I think my ultrasonic cleaner is about 2 gallon with temp control which could be turned off…
I might have to try this.

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