Experimenting with coasters. The base on the cork one was turned at the lathe

Experimenting with coasters.

The base on the cork one was turned at the lathe to match corksize. I wanted to laser cut the cork but the cork mostly burned rather than cut. I used sealer (polyurethane) to stop the burned areas from smearing after imaging.

The slate was etched using @Nedman 's recommendation and it was also sealed with urethane.

The slate was purchased from Michael’s per Neds suggestion

Nice. How did you get the yellow coloring into parts of the etching on the slate?

I’ve used spray lacquer on reclaim roofing slate (prior to etching).

@Nedman it was free…i.e. no idea. Doesn’t look that yellow in real life.

@donkjr So you did nothing to get a 2 tone effect?

@Nedman nope perhaps its the level of power i.e. the dark areas have proportionally more power and that turns it a yellow tint?

@donkjr hmmm interesting. I’ll have to play with that.

…now you just need some Boo-Bees for Halloween!!!:joy::joy::joy:

@donkjr Another question, did you seal it before or after lasering?

@Nedman after … I really think the yellow is being amplified by the camera it does not look that yellow in real life.

I love engraving slate. This is a cheeseboard. Ocean state job lot has coasters and chessboards fyi

@Nigel_Conroy very nice.

Was unwrapping a set of blank coasters and found this one with included pyrite (fools gold).

I was wondering what that was…

Yep, apparently it’s not uncommon in slate.

I’ve done a good bit for some craft fairs lately and noticed it on a few pieces

Just finished this one with Rhodesian armed forces logo and a family name

@Nedman maybe the yellow in mine really is gold! lol!