Exclusive news from  and my friend Alexander Oster  ( netfabb GmbH ):

(Florian Horsch (flouSH)) #1

Exclusive news from #Microsoft and my friend @Alexander_Oster (@netfabb_GmbH ): They’re collaborating on a new cloud.netfabb.com-like service called “Model Repair Service” which is hosted on their Windows Azure cloud servers!

Go and check it out :slight_smile: A press conference is running at the moment - let’s hope for more good stuff!

(Wayne Friedt) #2

Still uses Netfab.

(ThantiK) #3

No way in hell I’m ever creating a Microsoft/Outlook/Hotmail/Xbox account…ever.

(Shachar Weis) #4

Why not exactly? You have a google account, I don’t think google is better or different from MS in any important way.

(Mauro Manco) #5

Sill uses cloud netfabb with my “send to” script :smiley: more simple and no logon

(Florian Horsch (flouSH)) #6

@ThantiK hahaha - it’s so funny, because Alex implemented all the other services as well, but MS didn’t seem to like it :smiley:

(Mauro Manco) #7

guy’s old http://cloud.netfabb.com are removed for it… agrrr I HATE THIS CHOOSE!! bye bye automatic repair.