Evolution of the LED Poles...

Evolution of the LED Poles… in a tunnel configuration called En’trance, was at EDC Las Vegas this year. Also shown in the video is the Daisy Patch which also uses FastLED to drive the petal colors.


Wow wow! Twice as awesome. And the huge daisy flowers are wonderful!

I totally walked through this. Had a feeling it was driven with FastLED. Great work!

For those who haven’t gone to EDC, more pictures: http://marc.merlins.org/perso/clubbing/post_2017-06-16_3-more-days-at-EDC-2017_-Las-Vegas.html Probably the most night eye candy you can get outside of burning man .
My own shirt was not quite run by FastLED since I use a custom library that drives my neopixels over I2S on the ESP8266 which is interrupt-free (I need the interrupts for infrared), but at least one of the patterns was inspired from FastLED demos :slight_smile:

What are the tubes, exactly? I’ve been looking for something like PVC but transparent.