Everyone! Please help me out tweet this please:

Everyone! Please help me out tweet this please: “I vote for 3DLT - #tcpitchoff #3DLT” The more people people we have tweet this the more likely we are to win the TechCrunch Competition I am in. Thanks.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. They’re the same people who were taking an artists designs and placing them up on their site for sale. Even accepted money for the designs which weren’t theirs. 3DLT is a mockery of 3D printing. Just another company looking to use 3D printing as a quick cash-in.

They won

Anthony, we that was a mistake that we made, we took those designs down and we have contacted that designer. We have also taken down the marketplace aspect of our site until we are completely ready to launch. If you have any questions or concerns feel to call me at (513)442-8088 or email brandon@3dlt.com. Thanks.