Evening All long time reader first time poster here....I have what I hope will

Evening All long time reader first time poster here…I have what I hope will be a simple answer to my question. I have been playing around with CNC machines for a while now and have built myself an OX based router on an uber tight budget and have been using the bits and pieces I have sitting around at home and only purchasing items that I really needed to. With this in mind I have been using the TinyG2 port on an Arduino Due with the protoneer CNC break out board v.3.51 with varied success (ALOT of trial and error). As the Due doesn’t have an EEPROM I am working on compiling the firmware in Atmel Studio with my machine specific settings and then burning to the Due which brings me to my question…what Pin Out should I be using for my setup ? The options I have are 4 different tinyg configs and 1 gshield which one should I use for the Protoneer CNC shield ?

Compare the v3.51 pinout to Gshield. Are drivers 1,2 and 3 pin for pin compatible? Seems they would be, if it is truly GRBL compatible.
The tinyG configs you see are for tinyG2 prototype single boards. If you choose the Gshield pinout model when compiling, I would expect the first three drivers on the v.3.51 to work. To my knowledge, a Motate layer definition for this board has not been developed yet for this shield. Have you dug thru the G2 Wiki?

Also, you can use ChiliPeppr to send the settings each time you connect so that you don’t need firmware compiled. It’s the cog wheel in the SPJS widget. Also, you should try out the “Send No Init Commands” Mode in the upper right pull down up the TinyG widget.