Evasion attempt, helped by a stuck roll and the saint...

Evasion attempt, helped by a stuck roll and the saint… Torkey enough?

… Forgot to explain the roll was attached to the door on the left!

You have big lucky as last…lock your prusa :slight_smile:

Shauki…this a confirm to print the saint :smiley: @Michael_Memeteau think #saintflint are good in PLA too?

Yes, it was printed in PLA (I like the stiffness and printability of it). 0.2 with 0.4 nozzle, 2 shells & 20% infill (using Kisslicer). No need to change e/steps compared to Flintstruder (which is a good thing since it would mean slippage). In my case: 166,67 step/mm. Also discovered that having the loop on the thread side is much better: this you don’t forget to put the ring or put it on the wrong side and the loading is way easier! Just adding a finishing touch: some openings to help releasing the screw that hold the PTFE line for dismounting and more cosmetic change.

this SOUND REALLY good…ok today make it from your last cad…

please ask your estep i want compard with my too :smiley:

e/step already mentioned in previous comment or I missed something? Already modified the last CAD. Ok to go.

ops sorry Michel lose it :slight_smile: thx