Euth frame done

Euth frame done

Derek, what made you want to build the Euth after building the Herc?

Black frame with red or orange parts… man! thats almost enough to make me want to build one.

@Daniel_Salinas black and yellow would be great… Would remind me of my old cbr600 that I sold when I had kids. Ahh, the things you give up when having kids and get old :wink:

I like building printers and I didn’t want to retap and drill so many holes to gain minor build volume . I’ll get some acrylic cut to make an enclosure for this eventually

If you lived close enough we could have a building party :slight_smile: Nice job.

@Daniel_Salinas shhhh! I’m doing black on orange! @Derek_Schuetz Looking good! Did you paint the 90 brackets? I was deciding whether or not I should. I think I should… :slight_smile:

Painted them since the black anodized were 3 times the cost

My Camaro is black and orange