Eustathios Spider V2 Upgrades

It’s time for me to make a few changes. I’m going to use the Hemera Bowden style. I also have printed all the pieces again along with the new parts Erlc has posted.

It might be a bit before I put it back together. I want to use the BLTouch. I need to find a board that is quiet and probably Marlin.


Cool !

I’m working on a Hemera carriage. 1st prototype is printed, the extruder should be here tomorrow. I’ll post update when the parts are finished.

Bltouch is in and the duet3 is waiting for a rewiring :wink:


Nice! That looks good. If I wasn’t going bowden I’d be asking for the STL’s. :smile:

I need to make a mount for my Hemera to mount on the side. I currently have a square box with two holes to hold it to the frame and 4 holes to mount the E3D Hemera to it. My fusion 360 skills and imagination are somewhat lacking.

Putting it back together now.

I’m changing the front a little. Instead of the acrylic, If this works out it will have these letters on a black 3d printed back.

E3D Hemera Bowden Style

Looking good! Make sure to give us some feedback on the Hemara.


What are you using right now?

I was on RAMPS 1.4/5/6 and ended up going ReARM for 32bit. Then I got tired of Marlin’s flakyness. I went to the LPC port RRF and have not looked back. You can use a 12864 LCD like the Duet Maestro too.

I helped a couple of guys put RRF on their SKR 1.3’s too. It works too.

To be clear- is it equivalent to a full blown Duet board- no. Does it work- YES!

But, its hard for me to make a real comparison since I don’t own a Duet yet. But it made sense as an upgrade path to spend $30 to go ReARM instead of $130 for Maestro or $175+ for Duet2.

EDIT: You can also run this on an AzteegX and Smoothieboard too.

I’m using the Azteeg X5 Mini WiFi. One of these days I would like get the latest Duet 2 WiFi with the display.

This turned out ok. I’m going to mount it on the lower left next to the viki 2 display.

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Looks slick! Are they glued on or did you do a filament change?

After a month or two of being down for a rebuild I got my ESV2 back up and working using the new Compact Carriage with 3D Touch sensor for bed leveling. I’m using sensorless homing for the X and Y axis. I have also added the Hemera E3D Extruder.

Thanks for the updated design Eric. It’s working good so far. I need to print out or find the cooling fan part so I can get it mounted on.

Here is the video of it in action. Please ignore the 90 day Fiance in the back ground. :slight_smile:

I may need to come up with the mount for the Full Graphics Smart Controller if my Viki2 isn’t going to work with the SKR 1.3.

The red letters are from changing the filament mid print.

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I’m not sure if the video is working but you can see it here: link

Looks like Dropbox actively breaks oneboxing from discourse on purpose.

Looks Good! Are you running Marlin with the Azteeg X5 board? I just gave up on trying to integrate the BL Touch, if you were on smoothie I would as for your config otherwise I don’t think it will help me.

Couple questions:

Why did you reprint the bed mounts?
How did you integrate sensorless homing?

I have Marlin for the X5 mini setup that I could send you for reference. I could send you my files setup for that. Actually since you posted on one of the other threads your current smoothie config I could probably edit it to match that and send it to you to test. What screen are you using now?

I’m running a Viki2, I would be interested in giving it a shot!

I reprinted the bed mounts because last time I printed them in PETG and they were cracking. This time I printed it in PLA again. I’m using the SKR 1.3 with sensorless homing.