Eustathios Spider V2 Upgrades

It’s time for me to make a few changes. I’m going to use the Hemera Bowden style. I also have printed all the pieces again along with the new parts Erlc has posted.

It might be a bit before I put it back together. I want to use the BLTouch. I need to find a board that is quiet and probably Marlin.


Cool !

I’m working on a Hemera carriage. 1st prototype is printed, the extruder should be here tomorrow. I’ll post update when the parts are finished.

Bltouch is in and the duet3 is waiting for a rewiring :wink:


Nice! That looks good. If I wasn’t going bowden I’d be asking for the STL’s. :smile:

I need to make a mount for my Hemera to mount on the side. I currently have a square box with two holes to hold it to the frame and 4 holes to mount the E3D Hemera to it. My fusion 360 skills and imagination are somewhat lacking.

Putting it back together now.

I’m changing the front a little. Instead of the acrylic, If this works out it will have these letters on a black 3d printed back.

E3D Hemera Bowden Style

Looking good! Make sure to give us some feedback on the Hemara.


What are you using right now?

I was on RAMPS 1.4/5/6 and ended up going ReARM for 32bit. Then I got tired of Marlin’s flakyness. I went to the LPC port RRF and have not looked back. You can use a 12864 LCD like the Duet Maestro too.

I helped a couple of guys put RRF on their SKR 1.3’s too. It works too.

To be clear- is it equivalent to a full blown Duet board- no. Does it work- YES!

But, its hard for me to make a real comparison since I don’t own a Duet yet. But it made sense as an upgrade path to spend $30 to go ReARM instead of $130 for Maestro or $175+ for Duet2.

EDIT: You can also run this on an AzteegX and Smoothieboard too.

I’m using the Azteeg X5 Mini WiFi. One of these days I would like get the latest Duet 2 WiFi with the display.

This turned out ok. I’m going to mount it on the lower left next to the viki 2 display.

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Looks slick! Are they glued on or did you do a filament change?