Eustathios Spider V2 - Azteeg X5Mini WiFi - Heated Bed Temp Missing

I thought replacing the heated bed on my ESV2 would fix the temperature always showing zero on Octopi or in EPP3D for Smoothieware. In Octopi I can see the bed heating up in the Temperature tab but down where it says Actual, all that it shows is -

In ESP3D WebUi It shows the temperatures for Heater T0 but for Bed it doesn’t show anything. I have to go to the terminal to see if the bed is heating.

I hope this makes sense. If not I can take a screen shot of what I’m seeing.


Octoprint is looking for specifically formatted data stream- I do not know what/how smoothie provides it right off.

ESP3D: how are you getting the terminal output? Are you using something like M105?

EDIT: Which therm input is the bed heated plugged into? Which pin?