Eustathios build progress

Eustathios build progress

Started with my Eustathios build. Decided to build a mix between V1 and @Eclsnowman V2. Used the bearing holders with holes and longer shafts so I can add hand wheels for manual positioning. I built new stepper holders for X and Y that allow to use Robotdiggs gt2 976mm belts so there is only one size of closed loop belts. The steppers stay below the lower cross rails and hence fit under a cover. I also used a different ACME nut and built a holder that can be screwed to the Z axis bed support (had to change the distance between the holes to fix this holder). Leadscrew is 10mm ACME with 2mm pitch, 32T pulley can be directly mounted to it. I used 6009 bearings (10mm id, 22mm od) in the Z axis leadscrew support. Designed a little drilling template to drill the holes in the 2020 profile (fits for Motedis 6mm type B if anyone is interested)

As a build manual I use @Eclsnowman s Eustathios’V2 3d model and turn it around, make measurements, again and again to understand how to assemble it. T-slot nuts are a problem, I forgot some and had to take the frame apart to add them. Ordered some M5 hammer nuts that can be added through the slot for that reason.

Your on your way nice!

Love it. I like your motor mount. It eliminated the cantilever :wink:

Very nice, was thinking something similar to my Herculien build, but I wanted to keep the belt shortest possible, or even just using a single belt driving the rails.

Don’t the hand wheels add more mass, lowering potential acceleration?

@Mike_Thornbury the mass is so small I don’t see how. I guess I could calculate the torque required… But the bushings would be the major contributor.

DOH! I was thinking metal, but of course they would be plastic… it was in the middle of the night - that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it >.<

Could you make your drilling template available? Looks to be a very useful part to start with!

yes of course, here a link:
formats are autodesk, step and stl
please note that the distances from the top are 2mm more than in Erics Design as I don’t use the plasitc caps.
Distances are 10mm and 95mm from top (hole 1 and 3). 77mm for the bottom one (hole 2)
I use this profile:
You might have to adapt the template if you use a different one