Eustathios build getting closer.

Eustathios build getting closer. I am calling it the Eustathios “Spider” due to the color scheme and a few design items I am still working on.

My azteeg x3 v2 came in the mail Monday. Just waiting on my power supply, and the steppers I orders from aliexpress (over a month ago).

Sorry for the blurry shots. Just took a break during assembly and the lighting in the basement is sub-optimal.

Looks good what kind of power supply you going to be using. I’m looking for mine

Openbuilds 24v 20A.

May i ask why 24v instead of 12

Better for large/high watt heated bed, and I have been told the steppers run better at 24v.

Humm. Might have to do the same with mine then. This would make it so i wouldn’t have to use a SSR for my hotbed. Noob question do you have to buy 24v steppers or do most work on 12v

@Chad_Nuxoll steppers should have no issue with 24v. Printer control board on the other hand… May need some mods.

I use the Azteeg X3 and it can handle 24V and high current on the heat bed no problem.

Ok, Ya i just looked and the azteeg x5 will work with 24v. Btw keep up the pictures everything on your printer is coming together very nicely :slight_smile:

Looking good

Where’d you get the pulleys that have no set screw shaft on them? I did the group order that @D_Rob helped everyone out on, but now I see everyone with these GT2 pulleys that don’t have a shaft. :[

@ThantiK Misumi. They are on the Eustatios BOM on github. But they are 16$ a piece. Got them on the first150 before Robs deal came up.

Hi Eric

Are you willing to print a full set of plastic parts for your Lien3D Eustathios Spider? I would like to buy a set from you. I currently have a QU-BD Twoup but it just broke down and it's not repairable (Wooden chassis broke in multiple locations). I've been searching for another platform that I can reuse my parts from the Twoup and your's fits the bill. Can you contact me in regards to this? I'm sure your busy since your a family man (I have little cousins that keep me busy haha) but this help would be greatly appreciated. I can paypal you.

@Gus_Montoya any chance you want to try #HercuLien instead?

I will try, but I think the aluminum extrusions are out of my price affordability. I currently found 1.5x1.5 extrusions for really cheap. I beleive at $3.00 per 2 ft.

If you google chat we can communicate much faster. I’ll be free after 7pm pst.

If you google chat we can communicate much faster. I’ll be free after 7pm pst.

Sorry I am on kid duty tonight. Some redesign of the files would be required for the extrusion size changes. Are you able to modify the files?

I am as fresh of a beginner as you can get. I’ve watched a lot of videos but am unable to create anything at the moment. What size extrusion are the files made for? I tried opening your files on github, but doe some reason I can’t. Not even your pdf file is viewable. Can you create a regular pdf file that does not require 3d? Your build is a 1 ft x 1ft correct?

@Gus_Montoya the PDF requires actual acrobat, not foxit or others. Freecad can open the step file, and sketch up is also in there. Plus you can get the rhino free trial for step.

@Eclsnowman did you end up getting a 24v 14a power supply? if so, could you recommend the make/model/etc? thanks!