ESP8266 Ethernet Websocket

I’m just asking if there’s anyone that can possibly point me in the right direction, I have been searching for months for a Websocket Server Library that can be used with the ESP8266 with Ethernet, my project is rather large and already implements Ethernet2 Library, this facilitates connection to the web server, ftp, otp, Modbus over TCP, FTP and MQTT all work fine, I am trying to put into place the final piece that is a websocket server to run that passes live data to my web interface, this is proving to be a nightmare, I have used a couple of web server socket library’s using the esp8266 and connected via Wi-Fi and these work fine, I cannot however find a single example or library that will allow the esp to use web sockets over Ethernet. They all seem to only allow Wi-Fi option if esp is defined. I have tried to modify a couple of library’s that do give you a option but they seem to include the basic Ethernet library in their headers that then conflict with my ethernet2 library already defined, it’s driving me nuts. Developing my own websocket library is a little outside my scope but just wondered if there’s anyone on the big wide internet that can help, I don’t believe it can’t be done.

Many thanks Jono

This may seem like a strange answer, but have you tried ChatGPT?

I just asked “write ESP8266 websocket functionality over ethernet in C++” and it produced what looks like working code.

I dont know any of the specifics you want to do so it was farely basic.

As a developer, I now use ChatGPT a lot to produce code as a start point for projects.

Welcome to the forum BTW!

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Thanks I’ll check it out :slight_smile: