Eric Lien  Would you mind sharing how you came about the angles shown here?

@Eclsnowman Would you mind sharing how you came about the angles shown here? I can measure the angles, but they’re all like 23.8818 and the decimals keep coming if I increase precision. I’m trying to re-cad the carriage with a clamp-style mounting method and I want to keep things as compatible as possible.

It was done by modeling in assembly based on how I located the fan. The fan was located based on distances, not angles. So it might be difficult to do based on angles unless you just choose a new one… Then redraw the bosses based on that new angle.

Do you know those positions and distances?

I will have to go back and look at the solidworks tree. I will try to look tonight.

Alright, thanks. Much appreciated.

Sorry for the delay. Yeah the way I built the features is messy. It should probably be adjusted. I mated the back of the fan to the angle face created by this loft extrude:

The loft was designed to create a shell frame for the duct around the axis that I had defined for the hot end location.

It works but would make for one hell of an ugly print to fully define the model. So I think it would be worth it to set the feature based on an angle, the redefine things based on that.

Interesting. I tried my hardest to find a nice dimension that defined that plane, but nothing seemed to work. So I figured it fell out of the fan placement which in turn was defined by something else. I guess not. Looks like I may change the design slightly there as well. Thanks for the response though! Much appreciated, sir!

By the way, the reason I’m re-cadding the carriage is to add a clamp-mount similar to this:
This is a modified extruder to a TS wilson I printed for a friend. I was quite dissatisfied with the design, so I re-designed many of the printer’s in small (and large) ways. This is one of the things I added. What I liked about this was I did’t have to worry too much about getting the tolerance perfect. It printed a little oversize, but I could screw it right in and it seated wonderfully and was totally rigid. I was wondering what your thoughts on it are. I understand it would add a bit more weight/bulk to the print-head.

@Erik_Scott it is a good idea. I just kept things similar to the original Eustathios, but I use something similar on HercuLien which makes for a much more solid mount.