Eric Lien what do you use as your thermistor for the AliRubber heated bed?

@Eclsnowman what do you use as your thermistor for the AliRubber heated bed?

What settings in the config?

@Eclsnowman yeah, looking at smoothies site they give a list of possible thermistors, no idea which to pick.

Doing a config setup for the first time in my life… Looks easy when others do it but not so easy when I’m on the pointy end of the spear :slight_smile:

You can do:

temperature_control.bed.beta 3950 # or set the beta value

(Less accurate, but fine for a heated bed)


temperature_control.bed.coefficients 0.0006454337947,0.0002239473005,0.000000087 #Alirubber 800W 120V

The last one was calculated by @Zane_Baird ​​​ via the Steinhart Hart coefficients method: steinharthart []
steinharthart []

@Eclsnowman k. Thanks!

I pulled the V3 config off Panucatt’s site, that the best starting point or should I be going to the smoothie site or?? (Might as well ask before I get too far into this one) I’m seeing a lot of things that look different from the old V2 one on the Github for the Eustathios.

@Eclsnowman do I ‘#’ comment out the temperature_control.bed.beta and “…control.bed.thermistor” and add in a line w/ your noted “temperature.control.bed.coefficients”


@jerryflyguy ​ use the one from the smoothieware site:

And you are correct, if you use the second one, comment out the other line in the fresh config and add the new line “copy/paste”

Yes the new smoothieware configs differ a bunch from my old one. They made a lot of great improvements recently and so some formatting changed.

@Eclsnowman all the Viki2 stuff off the old config just gets copied across? Same pins and what not?

@jerryflyguy ​ nope. But it is in the new one on the smoothieware github. Just need to uncomment it.

Disregard that one… Found the problem (panel enable was false)

Is there a better way to shut down the system than just pulling the 110v off the 24v power supply? I’ve got a switch there but it just feels harsh to shut it off that way