Eric Lien 's V4 carriage modded for LM8UU linear bearings.

@Eclsnowman 's V4 carriage modded for LM8UU linear bearings. Printed with Carbon Fiber ABS from 3DXTech. I might do a live stream tonight with a full plate of Eustathios parts with this material.

I’ll share the file once I verify fitment.

beautiful print

Carbon fiber? Wait. I want some.

Impressive looking. I bought a roll to test out now!

@Ryan_Jennings I just bought two.

Showing off huh :slight_smile:

@Isaac_Arciaga Have you used any of 3DXTech’s other filaments? I’ve been wanting to try their MG94 ABS, since they’re the only vendors I’ve seen selling that plastic in filament form.

@Ryan_Jennings nope, but hopefully I will be with some of the prints from it :wink:

@Joe_Kachmar I haven’t yet but Sabic is good stuff.

Huh, I’ve clearly not been paying enough attention. Anyone tried their nanotube?! filament?

@Tim_Rastall I know someone that uses it at work. They love it. Just don’t use it on a PEI bed. You won’t be able to take the print off.

@Isaac_Arciaga apologies if this is not the right venue for this question, but, would you be billing to print out all of the latest Eustathios parts (even better with Eric’s updated parts/additions too)? If so, what would your rate/charge be? I don’t think CF would be necessary compared to ABS, but I’m so new to this, that maybe CF would be better to pay extra for.

Thanks much!

Hi @Seth_Messer sorry for the late reply. I was planning on joining in on the Print It Forward Program after completing my build. I have just started working on my own parts.

To the Mods, is there a list for a PIF so Seth can be submitted to the queue?

Thanks much @Isaac_Arciaga . I believe someone added me to a list that @Eclsnowman had started. I’m really stoked. Soon enough I can join you guys. In the meantime, could you give me some idea of how much I can expect to pay for the printed parts I’ll need? Would help with keeping the budget in check to some extent. Thanks so much.

Hi @Seth_Messer . My understanding is the recipient pays for shipping. That’s it :). Hopefully someone can chime in here to correct me if i’m wrong.

With that said, I have 6lbs of ABS set aside to assist in the program when @Eclsnowman releases the V2 variant (easier BoM) of the Eustathios. After my build is completed of course.

No pressure Eric!

@Isaac_Arciaga ​ I am up working on it.