Eric Lien 's v4 Carriage and e3d's Lite6 Extruder.

@Eclsnowman 's v4 Carriage and e3d’s Lite6 Extruder. I think I might bump the model up 5% and reprint. It got this close with just a little work with a drill bit on the carriage…it’s nearly a drop-in replacement.

The Lite6 is an interesting little extruder. There’s no stainless heat-break, and it’s good to 250C…which is pretty much all I’ve ever heated my e3d to for t-glase and Taulman 618.

Looks like an excellent compromise for my son’s ABS/PLA printer.

Never saw a Lite6, but the heatsink is stainless steel according to their webpage. So the heatbreak is still there. The price point is great. My only concern is the PTFE tube could be forced out if pressure build up inside the hotend.

You’re right. The whole thing’s stainless. I just saw one material and didn’t think to evaluate further…interesting as I’d expect a stainless heat sink to be more expensive…but must be cheaper to machine overall.

I didn’t realize the Lite6 heat sink was stainless either. The material is costlier per unit volume (I think) and generally slower and harder to machine. But the material switch might have been necessary to reduce part count.

I also believe major cost goes to machining the heatbreak with smooth internal wall. Which is not required for Lite6, as the filament don’t touch the heatbreak.

Agreed. There’s some smart engineering here, @Sanjay_Mortimer has a lot to be proud of.

But stainless will be a far less efficient heat sink than Al, but its probably good enough.

At that point, I don’t think your looking for head rejection, so much as keeping it isolated to the heat block…stainless is a crappy thermal conductor…and in this case, that’s good.