Eric Lien 's v3 Extruder print from cura 14.07.... support from bed...

@Eclsnowman 's v3 Extruder print from cura 14.07… support from bed… 50mm/sec .03 layer height 2mm shell thickness fill Densitiy 20% 3mm E3D v6 direct drive with seemecnc ezstruder (direct drive) so damn tuned that support gently pulls off like @Simplify3D minus the price tag… (btw @Simplify3D I will do a free review against the free products I use if you provide me with a free license of your paid product. )

Looks great.

Just a word of advice. Soften the bushing holes with acetone before pushing in the bushings (presuming you printed it in abs). This will make the job easier, act as a glue to hold it in long term, and limit the chances of splitting the part along the top where the part is thin and layers run in a direction more likely to separate. Can you tell I am speaking from experience :slight_smile:

0.03mm layer height? I suppose you mean 0.3mm. Layers appear pretty thick for 0.03mm. Or do you use a different unit?

0.3 is what i meant

@Jim_Squirrel Let me know how the v3 carriage works. I will be redesigning it soon to replace the tube axial part cooling fan with a centrifugal fan. But v3 is the version I printed when I made a Eustathios kit for @cobraphil789 a few weeks ago. It should direct the air more directly at the nozzle than the version I am using now.

@Jim_Squirrel man you really do have it tuned in. As a S3D user I can tell you that you an epsilon within having the same quality.
Nice ringing around the holes…:slight_smile: thought I was the only one that left that in my prints.