Eric Lien  just wanted to give a 'thanks' for all the work you put

@Eclsnowman just wanted to give a ‘thanks’ for all the work you put into those solidworks models on the various designs. i finally got around to being able to view them. wow at the detail! wish i had the full blown app instead of just a viewer. this’ll come in handy just being able to view/reference them now.

@Seth_Messer ​ to view there is also the 3d PDF file in other formats as well as well as an edrawings version. I know not everyone has solidworks, I only have it because of work. But I hoped those other formats can help people with different CAD software have access too.

thanks much @Eclsnowman

I imported the step file into FreeCAD and hide one part at a time. Better than any documentation on how to build one of these beast.

@hon_po I agree the model is the best user manual. But I wish I had more time to do more proper documentation :slight_smile:

Wish you luck. With so much to do & to learn, who has appetite for doing documentation? Until then, I’m happy hiding one bearing ball at a time. :wink: